About WebDev.Ink


Hi, I'm Stephen. I am currently available for remote contract or freelance work doing web development. I am a consultant for web development, CSS architecture, or accessibility. You can reach me at StephenBurgess@protonmail.com


  • What about privacy, do you track me?

    On this website, currently, I am not using any tracking. In the future I plan to look into simply getting page hits information. If anyone has a good open-source code gist for this, email me.

  • I found a typo or some kind of error in one of your posts. What should I do?

    Tell me about it! Email me or leave a comment.

  • I think my company could use your help.

    As it so happens, I am currently looking for work. I am strongly opinionated and give extensive feedback. I also love getting feedback and welcome it often. If that's part of your company culture, we should get along great. On the other hand, I've received feedback that in order to fit into a company's culture, I needed a different attitude. My attitude is one of reaching for continuous improvement. I practice that through a process of continuous feedback. If you're not looking for feedback, you won't want to hire me. If you are, I'd be excited to work together. Contact me for more details on hiring.

  • How do you calculate the reading time or reading level of your posts?

    I use two main tools right now. I use Read-o-Meter for word count and reading time. Then I use Readability Formulas to calculate grade level. My sentences have become much shorter since I started using it, believe you me!

  • I'm not hiring, but I like what you're doing and want to support you. Can I do that?

    You could do that. I sure would appreciate it if you did. Any support I receive would be reinvested into this project. You can donate at my Liberapay page. It's like Patreon, but doesn't take a cut.